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Welcome to our site!

We are a small Pintabian breeding farm in the midwest of Finland.

Pintabian is an official horse breed which carries over 99% of purebred Arabian blood but is tobiano in its color. All of our Pintabian horses are registered in PHRI, Pintabian Horse Register Inc. which is the official register for this valuable breed.

In the beginning, horse breeders developed this breed backcrossing tobiano horses to purebred Arabian for a minimum of seven generations to get a pure Pintabian horse, that is, tobiano and over 99% arabian. In this family we love art, and the colorful Pintabian horses are all unique artworks!

Gp Touchof Dandi, our breeding stallion. Click the picture and you'll get his pedigree.

GP Touchof Dandi, born in 2010
Pintabian Stallion
Registered in PHRI, USA 
SCID and CA free 

Our breeding stallion GP Touchof Dandi comes from Minnesota, USA. He is about 155cm tall. His first foal Rakastan Sinua was born on August 10, 2013. Dandi is last year’s Finnish National Champion in the partbred Arabian class. He has a very arabian type of conformation and a personality to die for! He never behaves badly, and wants to please and make friends with everyone.

 Dandi is available for breeding. He covers his mares naturally in our farm. The stud fee is the same for every breed, 400€. The mare care is 8€/day. Arabian and Pintabian mares has to pay 400€ for living tobiano foal, other breeds are free from this extra cost.  

Reservations are required. Reservation fee is 100€ and you will get it back if your mare appear for breeding. 



Rakastan Sinua, 
born in 2013
Pintabian filly SOLD!
Registered in PHRI
Homozygous for tobiano, SCID and CA free


Sire GP Touchof Dandi
Reg. PHRI #11011003
Dam Frostfire Legacy  
Reg. PHRI #1082202 
Rakastan Sinua is the first born Pintabian foal in the Nordic countries. She is bay tobiano, and luckily homozygous for the tobiano gene. That means she is going to be a perfect brood mare because all of her foals will be 100% spotted no matter if you breed her with solid purebred Arabian Stallion or with a Pintabian. PHRI-registered tobiano homozygous mares are very rare and valuable in Europe!


The most precious brood mare
Frostfire Legacy,
born in 2008 
Pintabian mare
Registered in PHRI
Homozygous for tobiano
SCID and CA free
One foal 

Halla, as we call her, is a perfect mother and her nature is very calm and loving. She has been trained for riding and is very easy to handle in any situation. She is a very typy Pintabian mare, holding a promise of Golden Champion ribbons in horse shows. There are only a couple of PHRI-registered homozygous mares in Europe. 

Frostfire Legacy will be bred to my stallion GP Touchof Dandi this year, so keep your eye on next year foals ;) 




Rakastan Sinua is very typy Pintabian filly. She is 99,5% Arabian in it's blood.

Frostfire Legacy is Rakastan Sinua's dam. She is a gem! Click the pic and you'll get her pedigree.

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